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An experimental research study was conducted recently to find the effect of implementing THE MATH ON THE MIC PROGRAM, as part of daily instruction and home reinforcement (parental involvement), on student achievement. Each respective school DID NOT implement the program during GRADE 4. However, during GRADE 5, the program was implemented from the beginning of the school year and moderate to significant learning gains resulted. The table illustrates State Percentile Scores (CRCT) for both years, along with calculated percentile increases:

SCHOOL        GRADE 4                GRADE 5            IMPROVEMENT
A                              75%                             80%                                 5%
B                              48%                            54%                                 6%
C                              39%                            54%                                15%
D                             61%                             81%                                 20%

Formal implementation training was provided for teachers at each school thatparticipated in the study.

All four schools that participated in the study experienced gains in mathematics!!!!
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