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MATH ON THE MIC! Matemáticas en el Mic!Mic problem-solving workbook Dr. MATH SMITH SUPERHERO Just The Multiplication Facts High Definition DVD Superhero Edition

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Just The Facts

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         1. Study the Facts
2. The Zero Property  (0's)
         3. Everybody is Multiplying (1's)
4. Double it! (2's)
5. Special "TRIPLE"  (3's)
6. Master The Facts (4's)
         7. Try Five (5's)
8. You can DO It! (6's)
9. The Lucky Sevens (7's)
10. We Work Hard... (8's)
11. A Good Time with Nine (9's)
12. Lesson Ten  (10's)
         13. We Love The Facts  (11.'s)
14. "DOZEN" (12's)
15. Lift Every Voice  (13's)
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