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MATH ON THE MIC! Matemáticas en el Mic!Mic problem-solving workbook Dr. MATH SMITH SUPERHERO Just The Multiplication Facts High Definition DVD Superhero Edition

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1. Get Excited about Mathematics!
10. An Angle, Ray,Vertex Connect
11. These Little Lines of Mine
12. The Decimal Fraction Reaction
13. Give the Decimal a Percent
14. The Mixed Number March
15. Lets Simplify, Saint
16. The Division Family Song
17. Pump Up The Volume
18. A Melody Of Shape
2. A Transformation Translation
3. A Polygon Prefix Party Mix
4. The Metric Mix
5. A  U. S. Custom Jam
6. Lets Pi Around
7. Can You Graph It?
8. Itsy Bitsy Review
9.Perimeter or Area, We Ready
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