Your achievement will soar to new heights with Math on the Mic!

Praise for Math on the Mic

"It is refreshing to see young children excited about learning mathematics in the elementary schools. This is what the songs, rhymes, and musical activities presented in Mr. Brown's math activities book does for children: It gets them excited about mathematics!"

                                            Marilyn Griggs, Ed.S.

                            Kindergarten Teacher, 38 years

"Math on the Mic is an extraordinary way to teach students those hard-to-grasp mathematical skills that can sometimes be tricky to learn. The addition of familiar tunes to each of the mathematical concepts offers students a fun, yet practical, way to memorize these very important skills. Students will be motivated to practice daily with this musical approach to math."

                                    Terri Oatis-Wilson, Ed.S.

                Gifted-National Board Certified Teacher

"WOW! What an outstanding work of art...not just another song book but a much needed educational tool designed to stimulate and motivate a generation of lovers of mathematics."

                                                        Kelley Brown

                            Elementary-Christian Education

"Math on the Mic is a sensational way to teach today's children mathematical concepts. It is set to the music that students are familiar with and they are learning without the idea of learning. Not just a tool for the students but for parents as well!!! Great Idea."

                                                   Beverly S. Gullat

                  Middle School Teacher-PTA President

Fifth-grade teacher Travis L. Brown has written his own songs, inspired by the Georgia Performance and National Standards of Learning, to help students learn about math. He is a former "Teacher of the Year" and has been recognized by Time Magazine and MSNBC for his work with children.

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