Dear Student,

Welcome to Math On The Mic, A Mathematics Song Book for students from ages 8 and up. This book takes an active, engaging and fun approach to learning mathematics. The songs are written to help improve your mathematics skills through repetitious singing. You read correctly, YOU! MUST TAKE THE "MIC" and sing your way out of low or average achievement in mathematics. The songs will help students of all ages, including older students who never totally grasped certain skills and concepts or might need a a refresher. The tune of some songs will evoke fond memories for your parents, teachers, and other family members. However, you will become a much improved math student by learning the lyrics. If you spend just 10 minutes a day singing the words in a quiet environment, it would take only about 3 days to memorize one song. Work on learning one song at a time, the entire song. Research shows we learn best when we hear complete units of information and when we practice,practice,practice. You will learn skills and concepts that you will never forget. You have lyrics in your hands that will make the learning last. USE THEM! After learning all the songs in this book and singing each to your classmates or family, your teacher or parent will present you with a Math on the Mic certificate that recognizes you as an official MATHEMUSICIAN!

The mathematics class is your stage. I hope you will enjoy using this resource. THANK YOU!!!  Have a harmonious year as you become a MATHEMUSICIAN!


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