Teacher Corner" Top 10 Activities to use with the program.

CD Version

1. Have students listen to a song once and try to write the lyrics from memory. (Reward the student who has written the most lyrics correctly)

2. Play a song and have the students identify the concept the song is conveying, explain key vocabulary.

3. Play musical chairs

The game in which players walk to music around a group of chairs containing one chair fewer than the number of participants (great recess activity)  

4.“Name That Tune” (Play a snippet of a song and have students name and explain the concept) You should play the songs randomly.

5.Have students write comprehension questions which can be answered using the lyrics of a song.

DVD Version

6. Imitate the movements in each video.

7. Tag Team-One student does the movements to a song while the other explains the math in the moves.

8. Have one student demonstrate and lead the class step by step in the movements of a song. Students may take turns leading the song of their choice.

9. Divide class into groups of 3 or 4 and have them perform the movements to the song of their choice. Have each group perform the song so that all students participate.

10. Write comprehension questions which can be answered using the movements of the song.

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