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My students loved the song Get Excited About Mathematics


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Your achievement will soar to new heights with “MATH on the Mic”! A Response To Intervention and Differentiation.  An innovative research based approach to learning and maintaining critical math skills and concepts through singing.

You will learn universal math concepts from the steps to solving long division problems to how to find the circumference of a circle and everything in between.  This is a resource the whole family will enjoy. 

The top four reasons students should S I N G"

S - Social Benefit: We can not all talk  

     together, but we can sing together.

I-  Improves and Builds our Memory Muscle

     and Accelerates Learning.

N - Natural: Everybody sings.

G - Good for your Health: Releases pleasurable


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Math On The Mic Song Book

 Spanish!!!!! Click Image to listen 

Math On The Mic Songs

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The Journal will motivate you to put into practice the real-life lessons that math terms teach. You will have a greater appreciation for mathematics and a better understanding of yourself and your purpose.

New Math on the Mic   problem-solving 

workbook that complements the songbook.Now students can apply the songs to multi-step word problems.

"I don't think I've ever seen such a positive connection between math concepts and life lessons!  You are to be commended.  I've shared it with our K8 Math Professor."  Professor Bradley Portin, D.Phil.  University of Washington

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